TAE Mission and Values

, TAE Mission and Values

TAE Mission

Tomás Alva Edison is a trilingual international school that enables all students to develop as amazing learners and leaders.

We are creative and critical thinkers, who take risks and persevere to reach our goals.

We always act with integrity and we communicate respectfully while working together as caring, global citizens.

, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values


Our vision

We help to create responsible citizens with universal values, who are committed to their country, the world around them and the environment. We are leaders in creating rewarding learning environments, where academic excellence, our approach to learning and teaching and cutting-edge technology complement each other.

We understand the demands of the world we live in now and prepare our students for the future, enabling them to become successful connected global citizens.

A TAE student is:

Disciplined, Capable, Committed, Responsible, Adaptable and agile; and a problem solver.

We are an International School

, TAE Mission and Values

We are an International School: We are part of ISP, a group of private schools located in the UK, USA, Spain, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, and Mexico.

We are able to offer students the chance to experience international cultural learning opportunities beyond their home classroom, and we are also able to offer families who may be looking to move overseas to transfer to one of our schools in their destination country.

Through our global group of schools, we can offer flexibility and international mobility to students and families enabling new learning opportunities across countries, cultures and languages.

, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values

Students take part in a role-play representing UN delegates and must follow all the protocols established. Exhaustive research is made to get all the information they need when they are assigned a country that they must represent and come with possible agreements. Our students excel at national and international competitions and are well known for the concepts they bring to each event.

They prove their knowledge and discover new things through the Amazing Learning methodology.

Our Community

, TAE Mission and Values

Our community starts with you.

From your first contact with our school, we offer a warm environment in which you will feel welcome and involved.

We engage with our parents on a regular basis to ensure they are part of the planning process that sets the future direction and helps us to remain a top school in Mexico City. We conduct an annual parent satisfaction survey to ensure that parents help to guide and inform our strategy for improvement which we re-visit each year.

We are focused on creating an environment in which the whole community thrives, as well as our students.

As part of ISP your child will interact with students in other schools in different countries, and develop a greater understanding of the cultures and issues in other communities.

, TAE Mission and Values


, TAE Mission and Values
, TAE Mission and Values


Our students present the FCE, CAE, CPE o IELTS tests at its highest levels, depending on the university they choose and their life plan.

, TAE Mission and Values

DELF Certification

Label Certification granted by IFAL

Ideal facilities, teachers and methodology to learn French properly from preschool to high school.

, TAE Mission and Values


Incorporated into the SEP since
preschool to high school.

, TAE Mission and Values


TAE high school incorporated to UNAM.

, TAE Mission and Values

University of Valladolid

Certificated as an Innovator Institution

A plan created in collaboration with the University of Valladolid that guarantees educational innovation in our high school.

Change Agents Certification

It links the 4 sections of our school and seeks to make a change in the planet through actions that have a social impact.

, TAE Mission and Values


Platform that helps develop higher thinking skills.