2022, February, Weekly Newsletters

Welcome Grade 9!

Back to School in Person

Every day, more and more of our students are back in school face to face. This week over 80% of Preschool students were in school, with similar numbers in Primary and Middle School. It is so important now that High School students are back in school physically as often as possible during their final year to see their friends and get back to working collaboratively. During our recent survey of students, nearly all those with the greatest happiness levels were those who came to school every day as were those students who were making the best academic progress. We are now entering the second half of the school year. Let’s make a special effort to get everyone into school every day.

Grade 9: “Welcome to High School”


Grade 9 had an excellent “Introduction to High School” on Thursday. The teachers of High School led a series of fascinating and fun learning activities. Have a look at all our excited and happy students. The day finished with some party food!

Mexican Math Olympiad

Today we received the results of the second stage of the Mexican Math Olympiad and 14 students out of 27 went on to the third stage. The students who go on to the fourth stage will be recognised as the best students from all the Middle School schools in Mexico City.

We are really proud of you and we appreciate the participation of all the students who participated!

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