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We are an International School

Cambridge International Curriculum
We have received excellent news. TAE has been officially accredited by the University of Cambridge and is one of three schools in Mexico City to be given authorisation to teach their curriculum. We are so excited to be delivering the English language curriculum from August 2022, and over the next two years, we shall deliver all the other subjects as well. In addition, we are particularly looking forward to offering the Jolly Phonics curriculum in the Preschool from August 2022. The aim is to raise the level of reading and spelling of English at TAE from a particularly young age.

Summer School
Remember that the final date for paying the early price was today. However, there is still time to register for the summer school. We are so excited to be able to offer this option for the first time.


Book prices 2022-3
Here are the book prices for next school year. Despite rising costs, we have been able to keep the prices as low as possible. Remember that there are no books for High School because we shall be using the digital library (paid for on the digital card)



Middle School

From August 2022, we shall be continuing with our current supplier of uniforms. Here are the prices for August 2022.


From January 2023, we shall be using a new supplier and we shall be hosting an online event in August to present the new uniforms. Of course, the uniforms from the current supplier will be valid for the whole of next school year as we transition to a new supplier.

Please be aware of the following graduation dates and times.

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