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University Opportunities

TAE Achieve: Thank you!

We are very proud and thankful for the support you have given us this year and so we would like to make you all a special offer regarding our extra curricular provision.  Already, we have over 500 students taking part in TAE Achieve across the school with our expert coaches and teachers. Please contact our TAE Achieve coordinators if you would like more information about our special promotional offers:

More Students in School

This week, over 750 students attended school, which is nearly 50% attendance in person. I am proud of the attention given by the teachers and I would like to thank you for your kind comments; we are getting stronger and stronger. Our students are learning, are active and are smiling and happy.

University Opportunities

For students in Grade 12, many are excited and getting ready for next year and university. Next week, the University Admissions team will be sending some important information to all Grade 12 parents, regarding upcoming events and examinations.

Student Council in High School

On Friday, Ms Alejandra, the grade leaders and myself were able to announce our new student council. It was an exciting moment and the winners are as follows:

I was so pleased to talk to the successful candidates. They are all responsible and willing young adults, ready to share their voice on behalf of their colleagues. Well done to everyone who took part. These are exciting times.

Health and Safety

As part of our commitment to your child’s health, Ms Emma and I carried out safety walks across the school sites this week, and met the students at the same time. Nothing but the highest standards of health and safety are good enough for the students of TAE.


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