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Thank you for your Support

Day of the Dead is coming soon! All four of our sites are preparing for the Day of the Dead and of Halloween. The staff and students are preparing ofrendas and we look forward to celebrating together very soon.

Thank you for your Support

Thank you for supporting your children’s learning every day. This week, over 95% of students (online and in person) attended school and over 770 students came to school in person every day, including over 70% in Preschool. I was so excited to see everyone in school and online. We continue to follow our   protocols professionally and rigorously to ensure the safety of all.

Student Council: Primary School

It was wonderful to meet the new student council in the Primary School. They told me why TAE was such a great place to be and why they enjoyed being in the new buildings. The councillors told me that they love the new large playground, for example. They also appreciate their teachers. The children made mature and excellent suggestions about how to improve the school. For example, one student had the idea that we have more shading areas for those children who do not wish to run around during play times, and we are going to work on that very soon.


Student Council: Middle School

We also spoke to the Middle School student council. They also praised their teachers and talked about the healthy learning environment. They agree that we have a high standard of learning at TAE. They also made excellent suggestions. For example, they want the opportunity to have lockers in the future. We are also looking into the possibility of introducing classes about wellbeing and healthy living in the future.


Grade 9

On Monday, we look forward to receiving Grade 9 into the High School. Ms Alejandra Mora, our Directora of High School, is looking forward to meeting the students and welcoming them to High School with some exciting activities.

Safety Training

Safety always comes first, so the students will not come to school on 29th October and 26th November because the staff are receiving safety training. We shall receive Civil protection training and First Aid and Safety training on those days.

Reminder: Half Term Break

In accordance with our calendar, we shall all have 5 days break from November 1 to November 5. We hope that you enjoy the opportunity to rest.

High School Informative session: Teacher’s Course

The Teacher’s Course is an international assessment, moderated by the University of Cambridge, which develops modern teaching skills and leads to career opportunities in education. Please look out for our Head of High School’s newsletter on Wednesday for more information, as our High School students will be able to attend an informative session on Thursday, October 28th.

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