2022, February, Weekly Newsletters

TAE´s Valentine

Parent Conference Days

We would like to announce our Parent Conference Days for the remainder of the school year. These days are for parents to meet the teachers of their children and find out ways in which we can support your children’s learning needs. The events in all parts of the school will be face to face on the following dates:


TAE Model United Nations

Thank you very much to Mr Luis Arturo Ramirez, who organised the TAE Model United Nations this year. Students from more than thirty schools joined us. I was proud of our young people who participated so well. They worked collaboratively, respectfully and maturely in order to find solutions for the problems of the modern world. At TAE, we are creating leaders of the future.



TAE Mascot

Thank you to everyone who entered the TAE Mascot competition. You can vote for the winning entry by visiting our Facebook and Instagram stories today.

Valentine’s Day

Finally, we all enjoyed our Valentine’s/ Friendship Day. Please have a look at the following photographs.


Have a wonderful weekend.


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