2022, March, Weekly Newsletters

TAE – ITJZE Sports Tournament

Sports Tournament

On Thursday, I visited Instituto Thomas Jefferson – Zona Esmeralda, where our Middle School football, basketball and volleyball teams played competitive matches.

Our football and basketball teams lost narrowly but played very well. However our Middle School Volleyball boys and girls teams were triumphant. The boys wons 2-0 and the girls won an excellent final set thriller to win 2-1. Huge thanks to Tere Zarco, our TAE Achieve coordinator, for her work in organising this tournament. We hope to extend these events to High School and Primary School in future.


Parents – Teachers Day

I hope that you enjoyed the parents’ conference days in Primary and Preschool this week. It is so important that you are fully aware of your children’s progress and we would like to work with you as a team. Some of you have requested that you need more time than ten minutes with your child’s teacher. We agree and we shall try to extend the next meetings so you have more chances to talk. The next Parents’ Day is in Middle School on Thursday, March 24th.



Internet Safety session for Parents

Next week, all parents are invited to a special online talk by Alianza por la Seguridad en Internet on Wednesday, March 23rd at 5:30 pm. This organisation gives excellent advice to parents about how to protect their children from the dangers when using the internet. Please join us.

Displays in Primary School

Look at some of our excellent displays in the Primary school. Huge thanks for their dedication and enthusiasm goes to all the teachers and students participating.



Grade 1 Assembly

There was a wonderful Grade 1 assembly today in the Primary School. We learned all about Benito Juarez and his life. The children spoke so beautifully and clearly and we were all so proud of them. I learned about his famous words: “Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.”

Street Child United (SCU)

We are holding a fundraising month called “March is for Street Children” to raise awareness in our community and raise funds to support the great work of the charity Street Child United (SCU), a UK-based organisation that seeks to improve the lives and protect the rights of young people living on the streets around the world.

During this month we invite you to participate in conjunction with our SCU student committee led by 10th grader Hiroka W. in this initiative by donating some of the following materials:

  • Dead file
  • Paper
  • Magazine
  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Leaflets

Donations can be made through your children, as there will be boxes in each classroom for donations. In the case of Preschool, we ask you to please make the donations with the Misses and Nannies.

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