2022, March, Weekly Newsletters

TAE Francophonie


We had an incredible Francophonie day on Tuesday. I was so impressed with the students, their dedication and their level of French. I visited the events in the Preschool first of all. Well done to our French coordinators: Marcelline Yangite and Anne Cécile Orgebin whose preparation was outstanding.


Then I visited the High School before finishing at the Primary School. A huge thank you to Omar Valencia in High School and to the Primary team of Cindy Beziat Mayra Chirinos and Bunga Tsita.



Middle School Parent Conference Day

I hope that you have had an excellent week. This week, we welcomed the parents of Middle school to their Parent Conference Day. I hope that you all enjoyed receiving the feedback for our dedicated team of staff, led by Ms Florencia Perez.


Yesterday, our students, led by Luis Arturo Ramirez, visited Thomas Jefferson Zona Esmeralda, and they dominated the competition. I was so proud of them and their teacher. There will be a full report next week.


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