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Profesional Development for Our Satff

I hope that you enjoyed the short break. The students are all working very hard with 1000 students in school every day this week. It is so pleasing to feel the positive atmosphere as I walk around the school: laughter, smiling and learning. I am proud of our community.

Platinum Enrollment Offer

This is a reminder about our Platinum Enrollment offer. If you enroll your children for next school year before December 31st 2021, the enrollment fee and monthly fees will be frozen at 2021-22 levels. Please see this information for more details.

Professional Development for our Staff

This week, the teachers continued their training to raise the level of our students’ learning to the highest possible levels. Ms Emma Wakelin, our Deputy Director, led the sessions about creative and engaging lessons, and involving the students in their learning. It was a fascinating experience and Emma is having a huge impact at TAE.


Welcome Grade 9

We are all looking forward to Grade 9 coming to High School on Tuesday 16th November and we have refurbished the classrooms to ensure that the students are comfortable in their new surroundings. We know that “change” can be challenging for some but this is an excellent opportunity for the students to get to know the High School. Please be reassured that we are doing all we can to make the students secure, confident and learning. We are excited about the new arrivals.


Classroom Displays

The teachers all around the school have been working hard to ensure that classroom displays are interactive and engaging for the students. Please enjoy the hard work of our staff and students. We are proud of our team at TAE:


Here are some important dates until the end of the term:


Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday.­­

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