2022, January, Weekly Newsletters

Priority Program 2022-23

Today we were very excited to welcome Julia Billingham and her team from the Cambridge International Curriculum. The teachers of Kinder, Primary and Secondary will be implementing a new English curriculum from August 2022 and have just begun their training. It is so important that we continue raising the level of English in school so that the life chances for your children are excellent when they leave school and university.

Welcome to Our Amazing High School

Thank you to all parents who attended the “Welcome to Our Amazing High School” evening on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it. For anyone who missed.

Priority Programme 2022-23

We are pleased to announce the next stage of our Enrollment programme. We wish to make great changes for the betterment of your children. This school is moving forward and I am excited about its future. Please contact me if you have any concerns. We are here to listen and help.

Have a great day!


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