Primary services

Highly trained staff ready for any first aid emergencies and certified by the Mexican Red Cross in infants and teenagers care. 

We have a Reading Passport Program in order to have students immersed in reading. Students read six books in Spanish, three in English and three in French each year, and write a report on them.

Once they have completed the task, we award all of them in front of the whole community for being an example.

The menu is always supervised by a nutritionist. From Monday through Thursday, teachers can help with the project that our students are involved in, and on Fridays we have dynamic activities.

A full or half route is available 

High performance sports teams compete at inter-schools tournaments in
disciplines such as: soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Violin, guitar, and piano classes are available in two levels: basic and advanced.

They can also join our orchestra which performs classical music and student’s creations.

Our teachers are certified as International Master and FIDE Trainers and they help student achieve an optimum level of strategic thinking, while developing different skills to compete in in-house and local tournaments.

Students discover different techniques, which allow them to express themselves in multiple ways and explore different creative paths.

Auditions are open!

School’s choir is constantly competing and has won the “Premio del Concurso de Interpretación del Himno Nacional Mexicano” given by the maximum education authority: Secretaría de Educación Pública.

We give them the tools to understand robotics from a small age. They start projects that bring them closer to coding and assembling robots, while enjoying the tournaments sponsored by LEGO and other highly recognized institutions.

Students take part of a role-play representing UN delegates, and must follow all the protocols established.

An exhaustive research is made to get all the information they need when they are assigned a country which they must represent and come with possible agreements.