Important Communication, November

Plans for the Future 2022

I hope that you are all happy and healthy and that you enjoyed the Day of the Mexican Revolution.

Planes para el Futuro 2022
We expect to begin the year 2022 in January by moving the entire Preschool to our new campus in San Borja. For any parents wishing to see the new site, please contact Cristina at for details. We shall be happy to organise a visit. Ms Ana is already working on the logistics and she will update you every Wednesday in her weekly newsletter. We shall also hold an online event very soon to explain our plans in greater detail.

When Preschool students leave their current site, we are going to develop the Preschool building into a site for Grade 12 of High School only. Refurbishment to enlarge classroom space will take place during the Christmas vacations with the expectation that Grade 12 can move into their own building in the middle of January. When Grade 12 enter their new building, extra space will open up for Grades 11 and 10. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the experience for our students!

New Nursery
It is so important that learning and socialization begins as early as possible in children’s lives. The great news is that we are opening a Nursery in our Preschool for the younger children! From the start of February, we shall accept small children from 1.5 years upwards at the new San Borja site. If you would like more information, please contact Cristina.

Parent-Teacher Conference Days
We believe that communication is very important. As parents, you need to know: 1) your child’s grades and progress 2) what your child is doing well and 3) what your child needs to do to improve. For this reason we are organising special days when parents can visit school and meet their children’s teachers face to face.

I hope that you can attend on those days. If you are unable to attend, we can arrange online meetings as soon as is convenient. Please read the weekly communications from your Heads of Section for further details.

Literary Calaveritas and Calabazas Awards

We have some incredibly talented students. Today, I was able to award special prizes to the following students for their prize winning the literary calaveritas and calabazas:

Well done to all of you. I am proud of our excellent academic standards at TAE.

Today I visited Grade 10 and worked with them about the poetry and plays of William Shakespeare. Mr Rodrigo is preparing the students for a Shakespeare competition and I was thrilled to be able to read the students Shakespeare’s poems and extracts from “The Tempest and Hamlet”.

FDates for the Term

Have a lovely weekend.

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