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October Festivities at TAE

We had a wonderful time on Wednesday and Thursday as we celebrated Halloween and Day of the Dead in School. On Wednesday, Grade 6 explained all about the Day of the Dead in México to me. They spoke so well and I was really proud of them. I also visited Middle School and Pre School. The displays around the school are of a fantastic level. I am so proud of the teachers for making such colourful and interactive work.

Thank you so much to the Parents’ Associations in Preschool and Primary for organising events and talking to the children about the festivals. I love to see parents involved and the children also enjoy seeing them.

In High School, we were able to judge the Halloween costume contest. Well done to Sebastián and Valeria for hosting the event. We also held a pumpkin design competition and there were some fantastic examples. Thanks to Mr Rodrigo Arredondo and Ms Alejandra Mora for organising it.

The most exciting moments were when I visited every High School classroom from Grade 10 to 12. This was part of the project organised by Mr Patrick Burns, our English leader. The children in every class designed their classroom with a Halloween theme from a particular country, or Day of the Dead theme. The students then described a historical tale, myth or tradition relating to the festivals, using the English language. I was hugely impressed with their dedication and creativity. We have outstanding students at this school and we are proud of every one of them.

Grade 9
As many of you will know, students of Grade 9 shall move to the High School building, starting Tuesday 16th November. This gives everyone more space and provides excellent preparation for life at High School next year. We are so excited about it.

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