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The 8th grade students were invited to participate in the Formula 1 activity “Newton’s Cars” with air propulsion to explain Newton’s three laws through a playful and competitive activity.

The activity was included in the Physics planning for the practice “Newton’s Cars”. As a moment of reflection and review of learning from the course content on Mechanics and Newton, as well as developing research skills, resource management, teamwork and working against the clock, the students worked with great enthusiasm. The online students planned and built their car, made tests and improvements to the prototypes, just like the on-site students, always maintaining an enthusiastic and competitive spirit.

These activities, in addition to maintaining the model of an integral educational community, awaken interest in the students and based on their previous knowledge, they can go further to overcome challenges and meet objectives.

The aim is to maintain the motivation for the subjects, by applying concepts to solve problems and awaken the desire to know more about anything in the scientific areas.

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