Middle School Services

We do a close follow-up of the learning programs to determine how they are being received by our students. We also support students with academic difficulties and look for potential talents in all of them.

We always offer a helping hand for every student and in any matter including: behavioral, emotional, and personal affairs.

Our main focus is to help students get a better at organizing their work, but we also support them in any personal matter they might be impending their learning journey.

Nurses are trained to take care of the wellbeing of each student while on campus. They are capable of providing any special treatment for anyone who requires it.

After regular classes, students who need help with homework are welcomed to stay and talk to different teachers to clear doubts and work on their projects.

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Orchestra
  • United Nations Model 
  • Community Social Service. Its focused on helping vulnerable communities.
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Robotics workshop

Twelve passenger vans are equipped to offer different routes.

The menu is always supervised by a nutritionist. From Monday through Thursday, teachers can help with the project that our students are involved in, and on Fridays we have dynamic activities.

Students take part of a role-play representing UN delegates, and must follow all the protocols established. An exhaustive research is made to get all the information they need when they are assigned a country which they must represent and come with possible agreements.

Students discover different techniques, which allow them to express themselves in multiple ways and explore different creative paths.