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ISP Maths Challenge: Greats News

Parent-Teacher Conference Day

This week we held our first Parent Teacher Conference Days. It is so important that parents and teachers make a team in the interests of your children. When we have a mutual understanding and agreement about the students’ needs, reinforcing values and learning aspirations at home and at school, your children are much more likely to succeed.

We shall hold another Parent-Teacher Day, face to face in all sections, before Easter.

ISP Maths Challenge: Great News

ISP Maths Challenge is an international online competition, in which students from more than fifty schools around the world compete using the Mathletics platform. Students from TAE were placed third overall. Not only that, but ten of the top one hundred performing students in the world came from TAE. I shall visit the successful students next week to congratulate them.

Great News for Our Staff

Well done to Mr Rodrigo Arrendondo, our senior Spanish teacher. He has been working with the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) to write a new Spanish official textbook to be used in schools across México. We are so proud of our new published author: Mr Rodrigo. Well done. We have some great teachers at TAE.

Face to Face Learning

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us as a school to receive your children in our facilities. Every day more and more parents decide to opt for on-site classes, which makes us very happy.


The advantages of face-to-face education are:

  1. The child experiences interaction and socialization with peers and teachers, which benefits the skills necessary to consolidate emotional intelligence.
  2. Habits and self-discipline are acquired and developed.
  3. The relationship with the teacher is closer and allows the development of emotional attachment, which is very important in the early years.
  4. Children learn socioemotional skills that serve them for life: conflict resolution, friendship development, autonomy in their decisions.
  5. Improves moods, reduces stress levels and improves attention and concentration times.


The festive season is approaching and we hope to see as many children in school as possible to enjoy the fun!

Christmas Events

Thank you so much to everyone from the parents’ association in the Primary School, who helped create and display our Christmas decorations. There is a warm and happy atmosphere in the Primary school as we approach Christmas.

Important Dates

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