2021, August, Weekly Newsletters

Important Communication – August 9th

Dear Parents,

It is our intention to open the school site fully at the begining of the new school year on 16th August in High School, and 23rd August in Preschool, Primary and Middle School. After being out of school for so long, it is so important that the students return to full time learning as soon as possible. It is equally important that they see their friends and teachers, socialize, laugh, enjoy life and work with each other in our safe surroundings. We all know that young people learn socially, actively and by talking to each other, as well as through computer screens.

We have been listening to your opinions, and so we shall offer two options for your children’s return to learning.

  1. Students may receive classes 100% on-site learning, on the school site, every day, Monday to Friday, or
  2. Students may receive classes 100% online learning every day, Monday to Friday.

All of our classrooms have been fitted with the latest in-class camera technology. This means that our staff will be able to teach the students in the classroom and those watching at home simultaneously.

Our teachers are receiving full training in the use of this technology this week and our feedback from parents and teachers at other ISP schools is that the technology is easy to use and highly effective.

We are ready to return. Every adult on the site has been vaccinated and the school is cleaned thoroughly every day. We have very clear protocols for your children’s security and safety, and you can find them here:

Yours sincerely

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