2021, August, Weekly Newsletters

Great News!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support, as always. This week over four hundred students attended school in person every single day, and they were all excited and happy to learn with their classmates. After so long away, it is so important that our young people are back and engaged in their learning.

The students online are also working just as hard, and our objective is to ensure that the whole class is united: online and face to face. The teachers are working very hard to master the technology and please give us time to become familiar with the new system. I am sure you agree that the teachers are doing a very good job and are making progress every single day as some initial difficulties are being ironed out.

Great News about Middle School!

We are very close to being full for this school year 2021-22. There are limited places available, so if you wish to reserve a space, please act quickly.

Safety Protocols

I was very pleased to see so many of you at the Protocols meetings this week. We are, of course, listening to our community at all times and we always reflect, so remember that my door is open if anyone needs more advice or information.

Thank you Eduardo

As many of you know, Eduardo Dart has recently become the School Director of Instituto Thomas Jefferson, Santa Monica and he is already doing an amazing job. Lalo is a wonderful person and he will always be a great friend of our community. He is a legend of TAE and we are so pleased for him regarding his promotion. I hope that Lalo will return soon to say “hello” to everyone and let us know about his new adventures.


Parents’ Association

It is really important that there is a strong connection between parents and the school. For this reason, I would like to create a parents’ association in each of the four sections of TAE. The objective of a parents association is to have a team of supportive parents who are able to help us in a variety of events and causes. It is equally important that the parents’ representatives are able to communicate with other parents and allow the school to receive balanced feedback about our community’s feelings and the progress we are making at TAE. Look out for the Directoras’ newsletters on Wednesday with more details about how to apply.

Customer Service

I am very happy to read constructive feedback about our customer service and how we can improve. Please let me know personally if you have had any difficulties and I shall resolve them.

Kind regards,

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