What is Amazing Learning?


Amazing learning happens when our learners simply surprise themselves – and their parents and teachers, too – with the levels of learning they have reached. They have got better to a level beyond that which they thought was remotely possible.

Because this level of learning is amazing, it doesn’t happen every day. But it should happen every so often for everyone.We want our children and students to leave us with a memory of how they were supported to reach a level that they can’t quite believe they achieved. We want them to take that memory of excelling beyond themselves into their adult lives.

We have an unshakeable belief that all of our students continually achieve learning that is ‘added value’ and, occasionally, experience learning that is truly amazing.


Where does learning happen?


Learning takes place in the brain. The brain creates and develops new connections, as it mature they become more complex connections. In this process of change is when learning happens.


Learning process

There are 4 possible brain states that we could have when we learn:

New Phase

This is when the brain experiences something for the first time. If we overcome this phase is when we begin to understand.

Consolidation Phase

This is when you think you understand, because the brain has an idea of what to do but has not yet acquired the learning. This is when you realize you are capable of doing it.

Staying Afloat Phase

This is when you do the previous phases but you don’t generate an effort because you already understand everything they are trying to teach you and it becomes boring. In this phase there is no learning.

Drowning Phase

In this phase is when we think: I can’t, it’s impossible, I won’t make it, and I give up. This phase causes you to withdraw and not get more involved.

When we want our students to learn, we want more of the first two phases to happen, a little of the third and avoid the fourth phase.