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Day of the Dead and Halloween

I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying life at TAE. We are growing all the time and we have received 160 new students since the start of the new school year. Spread the good news: TAE is getting better and better and we are so excited about it.

Day of the Dead and Halloween
Very soon, we shall be celebrating Halloween and Day of the Dead. Details of the events can be found below:
Preschool: The ofrenda will be made on Monday 25th October, with the theme “Mexican Legends”. The entire community will participate. On Thursday 28th the Halloween event will start with a procession of cars. After this there will be different activities for face to face and virtual students organised by the PTA. Everyone can wear costumes if they choose.
Primary: Wednesday, October 27 from 10:40 to 11:20 a.m., they the year 6 students will explain to other grades the meaning of the ofrenda and the elements that compose it. This explanation will be given online and in person. Children may also visit the Ofrenda from Monday to Thursday. On Thursday 28th October, the PTA of Primary will explain the Day of the Dead to the students. The children will have special activities in class on this day.
Middle School: From 25th to 28th of October students will participate in traditional activities, ofrendas, and contests. On Wednesday 27th of October they will have a visit from a storyteller who will present dramatic short stories by famous authors.
High School: On Thursday 28th of October there will be activities celebrating Day of the Dead. The English and Maths coordinators will be visiting Middle School to do special activities with them.

Middle School
Some of you have talked to us about the need to create as much space as possible for the students in Middle School. After negotiations with authorities, the good news is that we have a solution. We would like to meet parents of Grade 9 on Wednesday 27th October at 8:00am to explain our plans for the remainder of the school year, and we are very excited about them. Of course the meeting will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.
We have over 560 students in our TAE Achieve program and there is limited room for more students. The good news is that we are opening sports activities for Kinder 2 children. Please speak to our excellent TAE Achieve coordinators for details.

High School Student Council
We met our High School student council this week. As with the other sections of the school, the students love TAE and their teachers. However, they also gave us some excellent ideas about how to improve the school. For example, some students wanted more accessibility to our psychologists. Others needed more curtains in some classrooms to block the light and allow them to see the board. We are working with the students to achieve these changes as soon as possible.

Back to School
This week, over 800 students (more than 50%) attended the school in person. This is excellent news and I sincerely hope that this reflects confidence in the parent community regarding our protocols.


Dates for the Month Ahead
ere are some important dates for October and November:

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