2021, December, Weekly Newsletters

Coming Back to School Face to Face

It has been an eventful and successful year and I would like to thank you for all your support. We have a great team at TAE. This week, we have had some wonderful events and we would like to show you the highlights.


High School Sonnet Competition

The quality of poetry was truly outstanding. Well done to all the finalists and especially to our winners: Diana R., Christian A., Arantza C., Rodrigo E., Brenda M., Kim L., Gustavo G., Fernanda S., Andrés M., Eva C. and María Q. Thank you to Mr Patrick Burns and Mr Rodrigo Arredondo for organizing the event. Thank you also to Emma Wakelin, Katya Ocampo, Leticia Martínez, Yunuen, Polo, Ana Sánchez, Eduardo Salguero, Alejandra Mora, Mara Quiroga and Aileen Guarrofor judging the winners and sharing their poetry.­

Our Orchestra

Our outstanding orchestra led by Mr Luis Eduardo Álvarez played to the students in every school. We were all incredibly impressed.

ISP Maths Challenge

A huge thank you to Ms Blanca Hernández for organising the ISP Mathematics Challenge in High School. Our winners were placed in the top one hundred across the world and we are so proud of them. So “Well done” to:

ISP Film Festival

We appreciate all the applications we received to be part of the Film Festival crew. After watching their videos we would like to welcome the following students.

  • Esteban S.
  • Carolina J.
  • Areli E.
  • Tabatha R.
  • Sandra R.
  • Elizabeth O.
  • Vania A.
  • Rodolfo T.

We welcome you to the crew for the film festival and wish you success.

Our students will have the opportunity to take part in a four-month filmmaking programme with the added benefit of interacting with film industry professionals.

The programme aims to offer students a lifelong-memorable experience and provide a platform into possible future career pathways into filmmaking and media.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your families. Please stay safe and enjoy every moment of the vacation. We shall meet again on January 10th.


Best wishes,


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