2021, September, Weekly Newsletters

Cognia (Congratulations!)

I hope that you all had an excellent extended weekend last week. You all deserved it and I hope you were able to celebrate Independence Day with great enthusiasm.

Cognia (Congratulations!)

Cognia team, which was drawn from the United States, Mexico and Colombia. visited us last week and were incredibly impressed with TAE. We will not know the final result for thirty days but they have told us that we were going to achieve very high scores.

Cognia is an international accreditation organisation with headquarters in Arizona and Georgia, United States. To become a member of Cognia, the school must meet high international standards and expectations with regards to its curriculum and its teaching and learning. Only an exclusive group of schools achieve this mark of excellence. The TAE team, led by Michelle Posadas and Mara Quiroga, has been working for three years to achieve this accreditation.

We are so excited about the team’s comments to us. Mary Rhodes, the team leader, told us that the visit to TAE was “One of the best reviews that I have ever seen”. Mike Brown, co-leader, stated: “This visit renews my faith in education. Everything at TAE is about the kids.” Mike revealed that in all 60 interviews with the community, everyone supported the direction in which the school is headed, from Preschool to High School. I have never seen such ‘buy in“, he said.

Other comments from the team included:

  • It was a pleasure to be here. I was very lucky to be with you.
  • TAE is a beautiful school community
  • I saw “Once TAE, Always TAE” in every one of you.
  • I fell in love with the school. It has a wonderful vision
  • It is a five star school.
  • We are highly impressed with the curriculum and excellent examination results compared with local and international schools.
  • It was an honour and a pleasure to be here. The school knows what it is doing well and what needs to be done
  • The commitment to the students and to learning is exemplary and inspiring
  • The school’s values are strongly evident in the community.
  • We are very excited about the initiatives from the leadership team


We are very proud of the result and I would like to thank Michelle Posadas, Mara Quiroga, Emma Wakelin, the heads of section and everyone who spoke to the Cognia team. You did an incredible job, and we are soon to be officially accredited as an International School. I shall let you know when we receive more news but I would like to thank everyone who took part in the process.


Our New Preschool Building

We are aiming to have our new building at San Borja open as soon as possible after Christmas. It is an amazing site and we are so excited about it. We would like to show you around. Cristina Salas from the Pre School Admissions teams will be leading personalised tours for our community. Please send a WhatsApp to 551200-5724 or an email to c_salas@tae.edu.mx to schedule your appointment. We will be very happy to receive you in San Borja!


Parents’ Association

I was pleased to meet the new parents’ associations over the past two weeks. I really want to know what is working well and what needs to improve.  

International Baccalaureate

Thank you to Middle School parents for their comments regarding the International Baccalaureate. Over 80% replied that they would be more interested in sending their children to high school if we implemented this qualification. I can reveal to you that we are beginning the process now with a view to offering the IB Diploma in high school, alongside the UNAM qualifications, starting from August 2023.

Health and Safety

Your child’s wellbeing always comes first and for this reason we shall be carrying out a series of drills in school over the next week. I am sure that you will agree with me that we need to be prepared for any eventuality and there is no cause for concern.

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