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Spanish Project: Fourth-grade students

First, they choose a subject of interest which they had some knowledge about that drew their attention. In the first delivery, they analysed different opinions of subjects so they could decide what they wanted to investigate and later, present. There, they explained the reason why that subject, by stating they had previous study, knowledge, and interest in that matter.

Later on, brainstorming led them to ask questions about their thoughts. After asking general questions about it, more specific questions came to help them establish structure and specific objectives on how to recover more information.

In the next stage, they began searching for information from reliable sources of knowledge. A contrast was found in the difference between quotes and paraphrasing. They picked the main idea in a paragraph and paraphrased each answer to the questions they made.

After paraphrasing their investigation, students wrote an exposition script. They chose the most relevant information and ordered it relating to each one of the paragraphs. They determined the order in which they were going to present data and complemented the script with a greeting, personal information, and the thesis of the script, introduction, development, and summary.

To enhance creativity, students were a sked to make their presentations with cardboard as a visual resource. Each one of them chose their design, images, and text in their cardboards.

Finally, students presented their findings in front of the whole group. We did enjoy listening closely to the different content of great quality. Subjects varied from sports and animals to countries and endemic species among others. At the end of their presentation, classmates asked questions and helped evaluate each other.

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