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Amazing Learning November – The Hunted House

The sixth-grade students in the Literature class realized a project where they had to sell a haunted house.

First, they were explained that the aim of the project was to argue the reasons why their haunted house was one worth buying. At the end of the sessions, the students would have known new vocabulary, compared and contrasted characteristics, evaluated which were the most attractive features of the house, wrote the descriptions, and wrote an argumentative text. They made a cover where they drew a haunted house and appropriated the title of architects. To get into the subject, they created a collage of what a haunted house represented for them, for this step they identified the main characteristics that make the house a haunted one.

Later they did an exercise that consisted of carefully reading three unified readings. When reading and understanding the text, they came across words that they had to replace with synonyms. With these texts they learned about haunted places in Mexico City and the urban legends that enclose them, they were able to expand their vocabulary, their knowledge on the subject, and the motivation to carry out the project and appropriate their work.

After obtaining vocabulary, they made 10 “spooky sentences” in passive voice using the given vocabulary. Next, they choose between 4 characters, and when choosing their character they had to describe it. What do they like? What’s his/her name? What are their hobbies? Among other. This character is the seller of the house and the description should be both physical and personality.

They then learned more vocabulary to be able to describe the house. They produced the narrative to sell the house. By persuasive storytelling, they argued why their house is the best house for the monster using the characteristics that are most attractive to a monster. For example, a house was next to a hospital so that the zombie could eat the brains of people who had already passed away.

Then they had to draw the house where they showed the characteristics that they had written in the previous text.

Finally, they made a printable 3d where all the work they did was exposed. In the end, they exposed their work to the teacher. And the printables stayed in the classroom so everyone could see them and ask their classmates questions about their haunted houses.

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