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Amazing Learning at Primary

Fifth-grade students in the Social-Emotional Education class developed a project to identify, classify, and manage basic emotions. The activity consisted in designing a product where they could internalize the physical and emotional way in which emotions are felt. As well as being able to explain themselves to other people and also make strategies for managing them.

To begin, they named and described the emotions they knew. With the teacher’s help, they classify them into basic and secondary. To carry out the project, the focus was put on basic emotions.

The teacher explained how emotions feel and in different kinds of situations, and in which part of the body we can feel them. The teacher informed them that this can be felt in both physical and emotional ways and that identifying the place in the body where we are perceiving them can help us detect what type of emotion we are feeling.

They brainstormed and discussed products that could help people feel better and manage their emotions better. They could be food, clothing, movies, electronic devices, among others. A specific category was not closed so that they could develop their creativity and imagination.

Teams were chosen at random so that students could develop social skills such as active listening, leadership, task sharing, and joint decision-making.

They drafted the product they were going to make, discussed what emotion they wanted to promote and how their product would help them.

They planned the product presentation digitally. Where you must show the product, its benefits, how it worked, its objectives, image of the product or prototype, and conclusions.

She finally put her idea in front of the group. Some brought examples of their product materials, others used imagination as their greatest resource. Several colleagues will be able to intervene with questions, this led the students to argue the functions and credibility of the product.

Emotional hearing aids video: https://bit.ly/3GdAG2q


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