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High School: Amazing Learning
October 2021
In the 12th grade Psychology Lab class, our students reviewed the topic of Laterality that corresponds to the unit “A view of Psychology from the neurosciences”.
In the practice, the students chose a volunteer from their team to measure their laterality with different challenges that were carried out in the patio. The main objective of the activity was that from the challenges, the students could infer laterality or brain dominance using the scientific method: observing, generating hypotheses about laterality, experimenting, analyzing the results to reach a scientifically supported conclusion.

Mainly the students trained their exploration, communication, problem solving and adaptability skills.
They also worked on collaborative skills by distributing roles among them.

The instructor provided the directions for the activity and the material. The observer was in charge of registering the dominance of the participant’s hand, foot, eye and ear. And finally the role of the participant was to carry out the instructions to the letter.
It should be noted that some of our students are at home taking the classes virtually, however the students who are in person broadcast the class live and interacted with their team to achieve the objective. They were smiling and with great disposition to carry out the activity and there were even comments such as “Wow, today I learned while having fun.” “I didn’t know this is the way to know my laterality”.

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