Closing Statement COVID-19 High School

March 16th, 2020 

Dear TAE Parent, 

As you know through our previous communications, International Schools Partnership (ISP) and Tomás Alva Edison School have been monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world. The safety and well-being of our students, staff and families is our priority. Now, following up with UNAM’s instructions, unfortunately we need to close the school temporarily from Tuesday, March 17th through April the 20th. All of the school’s events will be cancelled during this period. 

The Tomás Alva Edison High School informs the measures we will take from Tuesday, March 17th 2020: 

1.All in-person classes will be suspended from Tuesday, March 17, through April 20th.

2.On March 17th, High School students will take with them all their materials in order to be able towork remotely, from 7:30 am. through 3:30 pm

3.The contingency learning-plan will be shared via Schoology. The students will receiveinstructions from their Lead Teacher on March 17th

4.Any further updates will be informed to our community though the institutional channels.

5.The cashier’s office and administrative services will be open until the end of the day of Friday 20thof March.

The school’s Senior Leadership Team will be in regular and close contact with the backup of local authorities, the regional and central ISP team, who will be helping us through all of this process. We will continue to inform you any news we receive and will give you periodically some follow-up through email. 

If you wish to have additional information or have any question, please send an email to: 

Alfonso Pelayo García: 

Eduardo Dart Veduzco: 

Carlos Ortiz Palacios: 

Michelle Posadas Yáñez; 

Cinthya Hernández Palacios; 


Alfonso Pelayo 
Headmaster TAE 

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