Webinar – Does creativity develop smarter students?

Creativity does not develop or empower smarter students, since we are all born with an IQ that can be measured by different tests, but being a person does not make you smarter. Creativity helps to have more and different ways of solving a problem. In the webinar we discussed 3 factors that make a creative idea:

  • The idea must emerge within a culture that has its own symbolic rules.
  • The person who has said idea must contribute something new within those rules.
  • A group of experts must validate and recognize this innovation.

And we also provided different activities to stimulate creativity from home, such as the following:

  • Accessing to reading at an early age.
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Working in activities where they use the 5 senses.
  • Doing activities like drawing, writing or building, or even starting an activity from scratch that is not guided.
  • Brainstorming stimulates creativity.
  • Combating boredom, among others.


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